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Sunday, April 05, 2009
Interesting article in the Hebrew paper this weekend.

It seems that the Kibbutz youth leaders are in a tizzy because their brainwashing is no longer working on the Kibbutz youth. Or more accurately, they are unable to convince the youth living in the South that what their leaders are telling them makes any sense whatsoever in the face of the reality they see with their own eyes.

The far Left preaches passivism and appeasement in the face of Arab aggression and demands.

What tends to result from these teachings are passivism and appeasement of the Arab enemy, but heavy handed violence and incitement against those who disagree with that philosophy (you know who I mean).

But Darwin may have the last laugh after all; Survival of the Fittest in the realm of political ideology.

The youth in the South around Gaza are openly revolting against the teaching of their leftwing leaders.

Kibbutz Youth Leaders (KYL) are reporting that when watching news reports of IDF hitting back at the Arab enemy, kids in the youth groups are cheering. They are actually happy that the IDF is fighting and killing the Arab enemy – and they are verbally expressing it.

Some KYLs are reporting that they don’t know who is making the remarks in their groups, because they are always said when their backs are turned.

They KYLs are beside themselves.

They actually give speeches to the kids that that isn’t the proper attitude and outlook. But the inculcation isn’t sticking. These kids are proud that for a change Israel is hitting back.

The KYLs are telling the Kibbutz leaders that this behavior is only superficial and temporary, but the youths say something quite different.

The youths are saying that the media elites should live where they live for a week, and then see if they continue to spout their ideology. The youths say that they understand who the enemy is.

Could this be the beginning?


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