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Tuesday, April 14, 2009
Who cares about an Obama seder when you can have Jerry Garcia.

With Jameel on vacation, I just couldn't leave the blog unattended, especially after I heard rumors (by a DovBear commenter) that the Grateful Dead used to run a Seder on Pesach during intermissions backstage.

As Jerry was a veggie (and not Jewish), I wonder what they did about the shank bone and Matzah Ball soup (especially as it was catered by Lou G. Siegels - wasn't that place awesome).

Anyway, I've been doing a lot of research on it, and so far I found out the following.

First of all, there is an article about the rumors from 1996.

Second, there are apparently Grateful Dead Kipas and Haggadot somewhere in the world, but I haven't been able to find any pictures.

Not an original

So readers, if you can find a picture of the Grateful Dead Haggada or Kipa, send us a link and I'll post it. Or better yet, send us the Haggadah or Kipa - that would be so cool.

In the meantime I found other interesting things, like this Tel Aviv bikers bar that ran a Grateful Dead Tu B'shvat event.

And then there is the Grateful Yid.

So if anyone knows more, the more you tell over, the bigger the mitzvah.


Anonymous said...

There actually is a Jewish connection with the Grateful Dead. One of the band members is Jewish (don't remember which one) and the magazine Relics which was dedicated to the Grateful Dead was started by a Jewish guy who dated the sister of the Jewish Dead member. The publisher is named Les Kippel. My father worked with his father and his father proudly told me about the magazine.

The Grateful Dead was probably about as close to real liberals as any rock or Hollywood stars were. By that I mean they truly were tolerant (not meaning tolerating anyone but Jews and White southerners) and they took a you are welcome if you want to join us and if you don't want to just leave us alone.

DrMike said...

The Jewish member is Mickey Hart, though he gave up involvement with Judaism long ago.

"Coral Springs, FL: Looking forward to your the July 29 visit to South Florida. I was curious to know, how, if at all, your jewish heritage has affected your musical career? Loved the bar mitzvah picture in the Grateful Dead Family Album a few years back.

Mickey Hart: I don't think it affected it one way or the other.My religion is rhythm. That's my God."

(from a 2003 interview:

Bill Graham, if anyone doesn't know, was a Holocaust survivor originally named Wolodia (Wolfgang)Grajonca; he also had a relationship with the Lubavitch though he wasn't a practicing Jew himself--he allowed Chabad to be at Dead concerts to do outreach to the Jewish Deadheads.

But thanks for posting the bit about the Grateful Dead Tu B'Shevat--I will have to check out that bar when I go to Israel this summer. My wife and I were married to the music of the Dead--and we timed it so that the moment that my foot came down on the glass was the downbeat into Not Fade Away.....

Dave Bonan said...

ahem. It's Relix, not Relics.

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