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Thursday, July 10, 2008
I think Mickey Mouse Levy, former chief of police, deserves the “I am a Moron” award.

Let’s look at some of his remarks he made in YNET.

The context they are made in, is that the Israeli police acted properly in the terror attack and that “confirming your kill” is immoral!

That the police completely failed in the last 2 Jerusalem attacks, and the situation was resolved by civilians is something he wants to ignore. In fact he wants to blame the civilians who actually reacted properly.

Let’s take the remark that most annoyed me.
"With all due respect to the brave soldier who showed great courage at the end of the incident, and I certainly take my hat off to him, his act was the easy part of the incident."
If his part was the easy part, then why didn’t any of Mickey’s Mouse’s policemen do it in the first place? Why did another victim have to die?

He wants to give credit to a female police officer who allegedly hit the terrorist in the head from 20 meters away (though somehow that headshot only stunned him. What was she carrying, a BB Gun? Or did she hit the other cop in the bulldozer cabin? What! You didn't know about that?)

But Mickey Mouse wants to blame the civilian…
"Regrettably, a civilian who hurled a stone at the terrorist aroused him."

You see, even though the terrorist wasn’t properly neutralized (by confirming the kill), by the police, Mickey Mouse decided to blame a citizen who tried to stop the terrorist with the only weapon available to him (a rock).

While it’s not in this article, in an interview, Mickey Mouse said the policeman determined that the terrorist had no pulse. Sure. In a shaking bulldozer he found no pulse. I guess he realized how stupid that statement was and decided to not repeat it.

But Mickey Mouse simply ignores the lesson of confirming your kill. Never assume a dead terrorist is dead. Never assume an unconscious terrorist is unconscious. Counter-terrorism 101.

It has no connection to morality. It is common sense.

And we see what happens when that lesson is ignored.

Finally, if Mickey Mouse isn’t willing to acknowledge that his officers didn’t act properly, how will they learn to act properly in the future?


Cosmic X said...

The things he is quoted as saying sound so ridiculous that I find it hard to believe that he said them.

Anonymous said...

He wrote the article!

Cosmic X said...


That's what I get for reading the post too fast.

This guy wants to teach us morals!. Bwa ha ha!

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