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Thursday, July 03, 2008
By now you've all heard the other story about Bulldozer hero Moshe Klessner, but it doesn't hurt to repeat it.

(I'm not talking about how some people are saying how the cops actually got in the way of stopping the bulldozer, or about the cops along the street that didn't react).

In 2005, Moshe filmed a anti-Expulsion protest in Ramat Gan. He specifically was documenting police violence. The police didn't like that, and so they beat him unconscious.

They then opened file against him which blocked Moshe's entry into any elite IDF unit.

It took 2 years of fighting, but Moshe eventually got into an elite unit, despite the police. Sort of like how he killed the terrorist the other day.

Wake up people!


Unknown said...

Does anyone have the video?

Anonymous said...

Of the police violence? I doubt it. Of Moshe killing the terrorist? Go over to Jameel.

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