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Monday, July 14, 2008
As many people know, the Hebrew University, like all the universities in Israel (including of course the Ariel University) has a large Arab student body. The Arab student body at Hebrew University has never shied away from publicly expressing their solidarity with the cause of destroying Israel.

Six years ago, while studying for his doctorate in bomb making at the Hebrew University, Hebrew U student Adel Hadmi liberated 160 liters of acetone (not for cleaning the nail polish off his toes, but to make an Acetone Peroxide bomb).

He was caught and thrown in jail. He was found to not only have stolen the chemicals, but was also recruiting Arabs for suicide attacks against Jews – perhaps even his fellow students at Hebrew U.

He is now free.

And now for the part that can only happen in Israel.

Professor Amiram Goldblum, founder of the illegal organization “Peace Now” is now the professor of the lab where Hadmi “studied”.

Goldblum has requested permission for the Arab bomb maker Hadmi to come back to Hebrew U and to study in his lab, the same lab he previously stole the bomb making chemicals from. He has even prepared working space for the terrorist in the chemical lab!

How absurd can you get – even at Hebrew U.

Hattip: A7


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