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Wednesday, May 30, 2007
From the JP:
“A group of internationally renowned Israeli authors and university presidents demanded Wednesday that Israel grant Palestinian students from the Gaza Strip free movement to superior universities in the West Bank.”

Listen, I fully understand what they are saying.

First of all, how long is the expected life span of an engineering student in Gaza? Not very long when you factor in work accidents and guided missiles. West Bank students clearly face fewer life challenges when it comes to dodging Apache copters.

Of course, then there is the other consideration.

The typical West Bank student suffers from a shortage of apprenticeship prospects, not to mention the lack of “on the job training” opportunities in the field. With all the IDF raids, no one seems to be able to graduate to central Israel, nor pick up even the most basic skills needed to start making Kassams and better road side bombs.

So for your average Gazan and West Banker free movement for educational purposes would provide everyone with wonderful opportunities.

Gazan engineering students would get to live a little longer, and West Bank engineering students would get to learn from their more experienced co-educationalists.

I fully agree. Let’s open the floodgates.



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