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Thursday, May 17, 2007
What's with Palestinians and trying to abuse the medical industry to commit murder?

Seriously. First they try to use ambulances to get suicide bombers into Little Israel, then they try to use Palestinians patients undergoing medical treated in Little Israel in an attempt to blow up a hospital. They use ambulances in they Pallywood propaganda and for transporting terrorists, rockets, and weapons.

Now they use "Doctors without Borders" to infiltrate into Little Israel in an attempt to murder some Jews.

We know how barbaric they are, but it still astounds me that they are willing to hurt, kill and abuse the very same people who dedicate their lives to helping them or are at the receiving end of the help these people and services provide.

Of course, the EU will say we have to ignore these abuses and let their ambulances and medics through without inspections, but thankfully Israel still hasn't completely lost all sechel yet.

But we're close.


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