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Wednesday, January 23, 2008
The JoeSettler family went out today for a quick and spontaneous regional tour of the Gush.

Mostly we had to get the kids out of the house after being cooped up the past few days.

We picked 2 random villages and learned some interesting things.

Driving through Rosh Tzurin and Masuot Yitzchak we learned that these two farming-oriented communities are part of the Otzar Beit Din with regard to Shmita. Very cool.

We continued along a long and winding dirt road and suddenly came upon a wooden house in the woods. Turns out it was a restaurant.

We finished up with dinner, sitting by the wood burning stove at the rather enjoyable Gavna restaurant and bar. I recommend the Gnochi (and Wednesday evenings is Jazz night).


tnspr569 said...

I've heard about Gavna- it's supposed to be incredible!! Lucky!! Sounds like a fun tour!

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