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Sunday, January 14, 2007
In response to an article by Jameel.

Fundamentally, the Reuters article was truly unfair. As Jameel pointed out there was only one Jewish comment to the Arab’s five. Considering that we normally trade 1000 Arab terrorists for 1 Jewish soul, the Reuters article severely undervalued the Jewish opinion.

But furthermore, it happens to have been documented in a spread of today’s newspapers that the Jew alone was the one telling the truth when she said, “You know what the Arabs do to dogs, don't you?

An unfortunate Jewish farmer now finds himself in an uncomfortable position after a gang of Arabs…
killed his dog:

Shai Dromi, the owner of Shai Farms in the northern Negev, was arrested for killing Khaled al-Atrash, 31, who police said had recently been released from prison after serving four years for agricultural theft. Al-Atrash had allegedly trespassed on Dromi's farm with three other Negev Beduin men.

According to the owner, the men arrived at the farm, poisoned a guard dog [JS: named Charlie, I suspect] and broke a lock on one of Dromi's sheep pens. Dromi told detectives that a similar incident had occurred a month earlier.

So alas, while the Reuters crew wasted their time talking with Arab dog thieves (I guess they couldn’t find any Jewish ones despite searching high and low), they in most likelihood, as their sole Jewish interviewee accurately explained, were probably wasting their time from the get go.

Sorry Charlie.
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