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Tuesday, January 02, 2007
Today as I was driving down the street in Jerusalem near Emek Refaim I saw a cop car suddenly pull over and stop a man in the street. At first I couldn’t figure out why. I watched as he pulled out his ID, and at that point they had him open his jacket and they started searching him, even having him remove his belt.

After a few seconds I realized that they had identified him as an Arab, though I personally would never had thought he was anything but a Sephardi Israeli. How they knew? I have no idea.

I’m sure the liberals reading this are screaming to themselves “Civil/Human Rights Violation” and “Racism”, and planning to write me nasty comments which I’ll just erase.

All I can say is too bad.

Thank G/d the police do these spot checks and “human rights violations”.

Around a month or so ago (I’m looking for the link), in a completely random spot check on Ben-Yehuda St. in Jerusalem, the police surprised and caught an Arab suicide bomber ready to blow himself up.

The police went over for a spot check and the Arab boy lost his chance to pull the trigger and blow up all the tourists and Jewish restaurant goers he had planned to murder.

I remember that after the Arab terrorists blew up the WTC there were advertisements all over the internet and newspapers for people to write papers on the balance between civil rights and security and how things were going to develop and evolve in the US, and how they should develop.

It’s a question every society faces. The US copped out and now we can’t bring bottles of water onto airplanes, equally annoying everyone and providing security to no one.

In Israel, profiling is acceptable. Yes, it may humiliate the sector that is profiled, but since that is the sector that all the suicide bombers are coming out from, Israel has decided that they can afford to suffer a little humiliation if it means (and has been proven over and over) saving many lives.

So yes, I wouldn’t want to be the one getting randomly searched, though because of Arab terrorism that is exactly what happens to me every time I board an airplane or enter a government office, it has become a necessary tool that has saved the lives of countless people in Israel.
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