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Sunday, February 21, 2010
Two minor victories occurred today.

Jews reentered the city of Jericho, first captured by Joshua thousands of years ago ("Jericho First"), though in more recent history, ethnically cleansed of Jews through left wing collaboration with our enemies.

The Jews entered the site of an ancient synagogue that was destroyed by the Arabs a few years ago, and raised the Israeli flag. The IDF was forced to reenter Jericho to expel them. Among the Jews was MK Michael Ben-Ari. Itamar Ben-Gvir noted that "Jericho First" is indeed a fitting slogan for a return to our land.

The second victory took place in the halls of political power.

Many noted with surprise that the Prime Minister's Heritage Plan left out 2 of the oldest sites in Jewish history - Rachel's Tomb and the Tomb of the Patriarchs.

On the other hand, as the Prime Minister had already given away Hebron once, the second time should not really be much of a surprise to anyone.

But due to lobbying from various politicians and activists, both have been placed on the list.

Minor victories? Perhaps they seem so now, but perhaps in a few years from now, these might be looked at as major turning points. 


Neshama said...

don;t you think that going in cold turkey and raising a flag is provocative? Well, since this is the first attempt, it is kinda 'in your face'. Wouldn't it have been more diplomatic to just go in the shul and start learning, like they did at Yosef's tomb? I don't think the pales. in Yericho are as militant as in Shechem! In fact, I think there is one Pales official leader that lives there and he has been more moderate. Maybe I'm mistaken, and if so, please explain.

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