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Tuesday, September 02, 2008
Someone was telling me about a site called Hulu, where you can watch all the latest TV shows. Anyway, I go there and was told that I can't watch because they only stream shows within the US.

Funny thing is, I have this little add-on in Firefox that tells me the physical location of the different servers I'm using.

Turns out Hulu (or at least the Hulu server I was visiting) is located in none other than... Israel.

So now I'm looking for a proxy server to make it look like I'm in the US to confuse a server sitting somewhere near me in Israel.


Renegade said...

what's that add-on called?

(is there anything that there isn't a Firefox add-on for?)

JoeSettler said...

The name is obvious "FlagFox".

JoeSettler said...

Chrome doesn't seem to have any add-ons at all!

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