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Tuesday, July 04, 2006
Beilin says: “There’s no military solutions to stop Kassams”
In reality: There’s no military solution that a leftwing government is prepared to authorize to stop kassams.

Problem: The PA is starving for cash.
Solution: Start a war with Israel.
Results: Arab League & Saudi Arabia transfer $100 million in aid to Palestinians (AP)

Peretz says, “The IDF will increase it’s pace”
Question: Aren’t we retreating fast enough?

Event: Olmert visits S'derot for the first time since the deportation.
Non-event: Olmert sneaked in for 15 minutes and then ran away. No one even knew he was there.


lurker said...

"Tell me please, Mr. Foreign Minister [Peres] and Mr. Defense Minister [Rabin, who was also Prime Minister], how will you prevent a little van traveling within Arafat's areas from loading up with katyushas and shooting towards the coastal cities? How will you prevent [katyushas from being shot towards] Ashkelon, Netivot, Sderot, Ofakim, and Ashdod?"
-- then-opposition Likud Knesset member Moshe Katsav, at the 1993 parliamentary session at which the Oslo Accords were ratified

"We know all the scare-stories of the Likud. They promised [when the first Oslo agreement was signed] that there would be katyushas from Gaza. It's been a year already that Gaza is mostly under PA control, and there haven't been any katyushas -- and there won't be any. The Likud is simply scared to death of peace, and for this reason is reacting in a truly childish manner."
-- Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin, 1995

Todah, Haver.

Joe Settler said...

Wow. Who knew Katzav could hold an opinion!

Oh. And the Right was right yet again - but no one care.

Oleh Yahshan said...

Do you have a source for that?? I would love to repost it!

lurker said...

Oleh Yahshan:

You can find these quotes all over the internet, in both English and Hebrew. Here's an example.

Here's a similar quote from our timeless Prince of Peace:
"The Likud frightened us, that there would be Katyushas from Gaza. Well, now a year has passed since the start of the Oslo process, and there are no Katyushas!"
-- Foreign Minister Shimon Peres, 1994

You can listen to a recording of Rabin's brilliant statement from 1995 here: mms://

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